Our Afterburn workout is specifically designed to help you burn the most fat for the longest period of time during and after the workout is finished.  To achieve this, we have combined the elements of the most effective workouts in the country with the finest machines on the market.  We’re talking about Woodway (the Rolls Royce of treadmills), and Versaclimber (the single machine Matt Damon used to get ripped for Bourne 5).  Throw into the mix dedicated strength training, plus the motivation of heart-rate monitoring, and you’ve got the formula for decimating your workout!


THE DYNAMIC DUO – High intensity cardiovascular activity alone will help you burn calories.  Combine that with targeted strength training, and you’re going to burn fat. The right kind of strength work can kick your body’s repair cycle into hyper-drive mode.  Meaning, you can actually continue to burn fat for 24-36 hours after your workout is finished (i.e. Afterburn).

INTERVALS WITHIN INTERVALS – A portion of each workout is spent running, lifting and climbing. Within each of those intervals, you’ll be changing your pace to alternate bursts of intensity with active rest. This will ensure you torch the most calories and fat during and after the workout. These intervals within each main interval will help you get the most out of each session.

THE SECRET WEAPONThe Versaclimber.  There is NO cardio exercise or machine that will have you burning more calories.  It forces your upper and lower body to work equally hard, while keeping your body in perfect alignment.  You’ll get the most complete full-body workout of any other piece of equipment.  The best part is that it is extremely low impact, so as hard as it forces you to work, you’ll always be able to come back for more.

ACCOUNTABILITY Heart monitors will help keep you in the right zone for the right amount of time to ensure that you’re pushing hard enough to maximize your workout.  You’ll see your heartrate on our TV monitors throughout your workout.  So will our trainers, who will encourage you along the way.


Our expertly structured intervals and smart purposeful training challenges your body differently than simply getting a few miles in. Your runs will follow specific speed and incline patterns to create a balanced workout.

Experience the world’s finest treadmill, The Woodway

Unique by Design


  • Rubberized slat running surface like the track of a tank to lessen friction
  • Shock absorption at point of impact to protect joints and connective tissue
  • Ideal “softness” determined by German engineers, while keeping proper body mechanics
  • A dynamic, low-impact workout. Protects past injuries, prevents future ones

So comfortable, you could run barefoot

Who uses Woodway Treadmills?

  • 100% of NFL, NBA and MLB teams
  • Hundreds of other elite organizations. See the complete list here.
  • The top resorts and facilities across the world; they are known as the Rolls Royce of treadmills
  • Barry’s Bootcamp, huge in New York and LA, and home to many A-listers

The preferred choice among professional sports teams, top athletes and Hollywood stars

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The Strength Training portion of our workout is designed to break down your muscle tissue and create soreness. This forces your body to burn fat for fuel as it “repairs” itself.


  • Lean muscle gains
  • Fat loss
  • Strength building
  • Muscular endurance improvement


  • Individual bench (a real one…not just a modified step!)
  • 6 sets of varied weights on your own weight tree to ensure you’re armed properly for your level
  • Pro-Ultra TRX band suspended from above your station
  • Other varied pieces of supplementary equipment that will change each workout





There may be winner in the fat-burning sweepstakes after all, and surprise: It’s the vertical climber (of which VersaClimber is the leading brand).

The VersaClimber is our “secret weapon” because of how incredibly effective it is in such a short amount of time.
This tough workout demands the whole body to work as one unit, recruiting more muscle, oxygen, and ultimately more calories. Yet, the low-impact workout delivers less stress to joints and connective tissue. This means you can work out more often and recover faster than doing other high-intensity routines.

No wonder it’s the chosen machine of athletes and stars with major fitness goals.

You’re moving vertically, so your arms, back and shoulders have to try to match the power of your legs.

Effective by Design

  • Keeps body standing at 75 degree tilt, like scaling a very tall wall
  • Relieves the joints with low-impact delivery
  • Hits muscles that are neglected in running, cycling…etc
  • Reinforces primitive natural crawl motion, which is superior for strengthening the body effectively and safely
  • Utilizes push-pull motion to force greater range of motion
  • Builds coordination so you learn to move more efficiently in all activities, get stronger, and gain power
  • Moves as fast as you are able to push it, so there’s no speed limit!

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